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How Healthy Is Your Small Business’ Profit Margin?

Among the litany of accounting concepts small business owners are expected to understand (or at least be familiar with), profit […]

How to Start a Business When You Have No Money

Like it or not, starting a business requires some level of financial investment. Because bank loans are hard to get, […]

How to Find the Perfect Attorney for Your Small Business

Every business owner needs good legal counsel, even if it’s just for setting up your legal entity and making sure […]

20 Quotes for Small Business Owners Having a Rough Day

Even the greatest minds and industry giants experience struggles and outright failures on the way to success, as these quotes […]

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Trend Watch: Are Prepaid Restaurant Reservations the Future?

For a few years now, some high-end restaurants have been experimenting with a new way of reserving tables — one […]

How to Recruit an Online Influencer to Promote Your Small Business

You probably can’t afford to pay a huge celebrity to help promote your brand. But hiring an online influencer — […]

How to Create a Powerful FAQ Page for Your Small Business Website

Why bother with a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page on your small business website? The answer is easy: It can […]

A Consumer Psychologist’s Tips for Handling an Angry Customer

It’s a retailer’s worst nightmare: A customer storms into your store, yelling about a problem with a product or service. […]


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