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How to Use Quora to Promote Your Niche Expertise

When you have a question, where do you go to find answers? After an initial Google search, you may find […]

5 Tricks to Improving Your Yelp Review Score

Thanks to the wealth of online customer reviews available online, it’s easier than ever for consumers to make an informed […]

5 Tips to Ensure Your Self-Serve Kiosk is a Success

Are you taking advantage of self-service technologies at your small business? According to research from Bouncepad, three out of four […]

Webrooming vs. Showrooming: How Consumers are Pre-Shopping

The retail experience has evolved for shoppers, changing the ways consumers make purchases – both online and in physical stores. […]

Using Your Point-of-Sale (POS) Data to Boost Profitability

Whether you run a big-box store, are responsible for a franchise, or are an entrepreneuring micromerchant, your point-of-sale (POS) system […]

Bartender mixing cocktail
3 Technologies Reshaping the Bar Industry

Bar owners have to balance everything from customer service to employee management and inventory. Here’s a few budding bar technologies […]

This Site Converts More Users for Businesses Than Facebook

Facebook may be the king of social media, but if you have positive reviews on Yelp, that site could be […]

8 Ways to Get More Clicks From Your Tweets

An effective Twitter campaign does more than generate favorites and retweets. It generates clicks that eventually lead to sales. So […]

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