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What Does Your Sign Say About You as A Leader?

There are many ways to learn about the leadership style you’re wired for, from looking to your Myers-Briggs personality inventory […]

5 Creative Ways to Thank Your Employees During the Holidays

These days, it’s more important than ever to retain your top employees by making them feel valued and creating an […]

Which Bird Does Your Leadership Style Resemble?

As a leader, are you more an assertive eagle or an analytical owl? Or perhaps your style is more that […]

How to Identify and Grow Your Top-Performing Employees

Of course you want to nurture and grow every employee. But identifying the handful who are top performers and paying […]

Surprising Reasons it May Pay to Hire an Ex-Prisoner

In today’s job market, open positions can be hard to fill. But there’s one pool of talent you may be […]

Dan Ariely on How to Motivate Employees at No Cost to You

Put away your wallet. Superstar behavioral economist Dan Ariely has discovered something surprising: Money doesn’t motivate workers very well. His […]

Paid Sick Leave from the Business Owner’s Perspective

Recently the Department of Labor finalized a rule that will require employees of businesses doing work on federal contracts to […]

How to Keep Your Employees Motivated Through the Holiday Season

The holiday season is, in theory, a time of peace and joy. But for retail employees, between working extra-long shifts […]


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