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How to Get Free Publicity for Your Small Business

If your small business can’t afford a big-shot PR firm, that’s okay: There are countless ways to get good PR […]

7 Instagram Marketing Tips from an Actual Expert

When Pei Ketron started using Instagram, she was an elementary school teacher with a part-time wedding and portrait photography business. […]

How the Right Playlist Can Rock Your Restaurant or Retail Sales

To make your business attractive to customers, you’ve considered everything from signage to lighting and décor. But to keep people […]

Boost Sales by Reading Your Customers’ Body Language

There’s a proven way to increase sales that you and your sales staff almost certainly aren’t using. Consumer psychologist Bruce […]

Optimize Your Checkout Counter to Boost Impulse Buys

Every inch of real estate in the small retail store is valuable. If you’re not taking a strategic approach to […]

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How and Where to Sell Your Coffee Outside Your Coffee Shop

Local, independent coffee companies can’t compete with national chains when it comes to brand awareness and exposure — or can […]

What Vegetarians Want to See on Your Menu

No matter how extensive a restaurant menu is, most chefs will tell you they can’t please everyone. But there’s one […]

Could a Mural Like These Boost Your Business’ Foot Traffic?

Long before there was neon, vinyl cutting and large-scale printing, many business owners hired artists and painters to create one-of-a-kind […]


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