Guide to Starting a Restaurant

NCR Silver’s Guide to Starting a Restaurant is a 12-part series that spells out the core essentials you’ll need to master, from writing a restaurant business plan investors will actually read (and get excited by) to choosing a location that won’t gobble up your margins.

Latest Stories

How to Know if Your Restaurant Is Making Enough Money

You decided to ignore the odds and open a restaurant. It required a leap of faith, and possibly a good […]

food purchasing 1
Restaurant Food Purchasing 101

As a restaurant owner, you’re going to spend more on food than almost anything else. And getting the quality of […]

restaurant design feature
Restaurant Design Tips to Help Your Restaurant Succeed

A restaurant doesn’t just serve food. It also serves an experience. And the design of the restaurant shapes that experience […]

How to Hire Your First Restaurant Employees

Besides creating a winning menu, hiring the right staff is the most important aspect of opening a restaurant, said Stephen […]

How to Test Your Restaurant Menu

You’ve put a lot of thought into your menu. After all, your food is the whole point of your restaurant. […]

Restaurant Marketing 101: Creating the Perfect Plan for Your First Year

As soon as you open your new restaurant, the clock starts ticking. You need to start producing enough revenue to […]

How to Create a First-Year Restaurant Budget

Many first-time restaurateurs open their doors without creating a budget. This is not unlike playing roulette: You could get lucky, […]

Licenses, Permits and Insurance: What Your Restaurant Needs

You have your restaurant business plan written, your financing in place and a location picked out. But before you can […]

NCR Silver's Guide to Starting a Restaurant


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