Guide to Starting a Restaurant

NCR Silver’s Guide to Starting a Restaurant is a 12-part series that spells out the core essentials you’ll need to master, from writing a restaurant business plan investors will actually read (and get excited by) to choosing a location that won’t gobble up your margins.

Latest Stories

Licenses, Permits and Insurance: What Your Restaurant Needs

You have your restaurant business plan written, your financing in place and a location picked out. But before you can […]

How to Finance Your Restaurant Startup

Starting a restaurant takes capital. Unless you have deep pockets, finding that capital can be one of the most challenging […]

How to Choose the Best Restaurant Name

Considering that opening a restaurant will take all your time and most of your money, it’s not really just a […]

How to Choose a Restaurant Location that Sets You Up for Success

You have a brilliant restaurant concept and you’ve written a winning restaurant business plan. Now, if you haven’t done so […]

How to Write an Effective Restaurant Business Plan

To succeed at any endeavor you need a plan — a recipe for success. To succeed in opening a restaurant […]

NCR Silver's Guide to Starting a Restaurant


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