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Crowdfunding Ideas Notebook
How to Finance a Restaurant Startup through Crowdfunding

Opening a restaurant is nearly Herculean task. And if you need financing, good luck. Banks aren’t jumping to loan money […]

Should You Buy a Building for Your Small Business?

If you’re tired of pouring profits down the lease drain, you may have considered buying a space for your business. […]

How to Find a Grant for Your Woman-Owned Business

Cyndi Lauper may think “girls just want to have fun,” but in reality, many own and also want to own […]

How Healthy Is Your Small Business’ Profit Margin?

Among the litany of accounting concepts small business owners are expected to understand (or at least be familiar with), profit […]

The Best Celebrity Quotes About Tax Day

Nobody likes doing their taxes. Even Albert Einstein said the income tax was one of the hardest things in the […]

Do You Need Both an Accountant and Financial Advisor?

As a small business owner, you’re probably not an accounting or finance whiz. Chances are, you’ve already hired an accountant […]

How to Handle Disputed Credit Card Transactions

When customers are unhappy with a purchase they made at your store, they might not give you a chance to […]

DIY Taxes vs. Hiring a CPA: What’s Best for Your Small Business?

Considering taking the bull by the horns and filing your own business taxes this year? Sure, doing your own taxes […]

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