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The Records You’ll Need if You Ever Get Sued

No business owner plans on getting sued, but it’s smart to understand a few things about electronic records in the […]

Holiday Tipping Guide for Small Business Owners

‘Tis the season for tipping the people who have helped us in the past year in hopes they’ll do it […]

Does Your Business Have Enough Cash to Survive a Downturn?

In all of my business years, whether consulting, advising or simply observing, there has been one constant with small businesses: […]

7 Tips for Nailing a Bank Loan Pitch

As a small business owner, at some point you may find yourself in front of bank loan officer asking for […]

If you are considering an online business loan know what you're risking before you choose a lender.
(Photo: Duncan Andison/Shutterstock)
Online Lending: What to Know if You Need a Loan

Tempted to consider an online loan? Online lenders that cater to or target small businesses are one of the fastest-evolving […]

(Assorted Gift Cards)
Why and How to Offer Gift Cards

Gift cards are ubiquitous at grocery stores and big retailers, but some small businesses have been hesitant to offer any […]

4 Key Accounting Tasks Small Business Owners Overlook

Most small businesses owners put the periodic accounting function on the back burner when business conditions are hectic. What’s more, […]

Surprising Factors that Can Ruin a Small Business’ Credit

If you need a business credit card, a line of credit or a loan to expand your business, a low […]


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