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How to Win Back Lost Customers

No matter how much effort you spend to keep your customers happy, your business is bound to lose a few […]

How to Improve Your Kitchen’s Efficiency

When dining out, consumers expect their restaurant service to be friendly and their food to come in a timely manner. […]

6 Secrets to Writing Better Emails

In this digital age, email is most people’s preferred method of communication. But with flooded inboxes, it can sometimes be […]

5 Ways to Give Your Super Shoppers the Royal Treatment

Meet the super shopper. Also known as the super consumer, this type of customer has an insatiable appetite for products […]

3 Ways Your Business Might Be Violating Copyright or Trademark Laws

Intellectual property laws are a double-edged sword for businesses. They protect the ideas and creations you’ve spent time and money […]

How Small Shops Can Thrive in a Retail Downturn

Now may be the best time of all to be a small retailer, if you know how to leverage your […]

food allergy 1
Training Your Waitstaff to Better Serve Customers with Food Allergies

For the approximately 15 million Americans who suffer from food allergies, dining out can be a highly frustrating — and […]

brand paint
4 Tips for Showcasing Your Brand’s Personality

If you were to paint a portrait of your brand, what would it look like? What kinds of human characteristics […]

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