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woman stressed at work
The Art of Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Ever have that nagging feeling that everyone’s going to wake up one day and realize you’re a phony? Or that […]

fancy dessert on a black plate
Not Too Sweet: Rethinking Your Dessert Menu

The New York-style cheesecakes and banana splits of the traditional dessert menu have had their day. The coveted after-dinner treat […]

man interviews woman at coffee shop
Best Practices for Conducting Customer Interviews

When running a small business — or any business, for that matter — your success depends on how well you […]

7 Ways Your Body Language is Killing Sales

Have you ever been working with a seemingly receptive customer who walked away from a sale and wondered what went […]

How to Make Better Business Decisions

As a small business owner, you carry a lot of weight on your shoulders. The decisions you make on a […]

6 Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Food Truck’s Health Score

Health department inspections can happen at any time — even during a lunchtime rush — and if your food truck […]

Should Your Restaurant Seat Incomplete Parties?

A group of three people walks into your restaurant and requests a table for six. That’s a lot of real […]

How to Mitigate Table Theft at Your Restaurant

Have you ever left a restaurant having accidentally taken the cloth napkin with you, or perhaps snuck a spoon or […]

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