Streamline Small Business Taxes with NCR Silver and Paychex

Doing your own taxes can save you money, and for some business owners it pays off. However, in order to do your taxes yourself, it’s essential that you maintain detailed records.

In other words, organization is key. Did you know your point-of sale system can save you time with the process?

Whether you sell bicycles or BLTs, here’s how NCR Silver tracks tax-related data and exports expenses.

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Input multiple tax rates

Different items can be assigned different tax rates. That means you can set specific tax rates for items like drinks and alcohol, but charge a different rate for the food. You can even make a “no tax” category for items.

Enable location-based tax rates

Do you operate a food truck? Travel to trade shows? Run a pop-up market? Since NCR Silver is built for mobility, tax rates are set up by location to ensure they are applied correctly – even if your selling location changes.

Track different tax buckets

Interested in reviewing city taxes versus state taxes? For your convenience, NCR Silver supports defining tax jurisdictions. This is very helpful for locations that have unique tax laws or require itemized tax breakdowns on receipts.

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Generate tax reports

NCR Silver’s robust reporting makes filing and remitting the sales tax it collects a breeze. Within the Tax Report (or Store Summary Report), you can export data based on jurisdiction, tax rate percentage, tax overrides and how much you paid in taxes for each category.

Account for employees

Did you know NCR Silver works seamlessly with Paychex to help you better manage your business and pay your employees?

When employees clock in and out using NCR Silver’s time and attendance feature, you can export the file in Paychex Flex format, making it quick and easy to upload and submit hours.

Paychex provides a wide ranges of payroll services for you to take it from there.

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