Unionville BBQ Joint Finds Success in the Food Truck Frenzy

Want to increase revenue by adding a food truck to your restaurant? That’s what Hood’s BBQ in Unionville, Pennsylvania, did. And last week, they added their second food truck.

Family owned and operated, the BBQ joint was established in 2006 by Larry and Dawn Hood. However in more recent years, they’ve added two new full-time staff members – their daughter Morgan to run the front of the house and son Larry III to lead the charge on expanding their operations. Son Larry explains their decision to go mobile and start popping up at events.

Hood’s BBQ goes mobile in Southern Chester Country, Pennsylvania, to serve even the tiniest tastes.

“When I graduated college in 2011, and officially took part ownership in the business, we thought why not add a food truck? My parents had been successful caterers for more than 20 years, and the restaurant was booming.”

They added the first truck six years ago, and have since used it to serve customers at wineries, farms, community fairs, schools and even equestrian competitions and pop-up beer gardens.

The Hoods go mobile every weekend, and take NCR Silver along to ring up top-selling dishes like slow roasted BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, BBQ baby back ribs and smoked beef brisket. They use the NCR Silver mobile scanner for sides, like bags of chips, and beverages.

Dad Larry Hood does the barbecuing. Blackened tiger shrimp tacos, anyone?

“The best thing NCR Silver provides is mobility,” says Larry. “When we’re in the middle of a cornfield, we don’t have to limit ourselves to just taking cash. We simply take payments on our iPad and run everything from there.”

They’ve also benefited from using offline credit to process transactions without an Internet connection in more remote locations.

Choosing the right mobile POS

When the Hoods decided it was time to go mobile, they chose NCR Silver because they needed something small and user friendly to be able to take on the road. However, they’ve since discovered many other benefits that make it the right choice for their food truck, like reporting.

Strawberry Shortcake baked fresh for Memorial Day weekend! Mom Morgan Hood does the baking.

“We love it for the back office that keeps track of everything. It’s great for us to see top sellers versus bottom sellers, and it’s great to be able to anticipate inventory amounts for what’s coming up. For example, every year we do the Mother’s Day Steeple Chase, so we are able to pull data from years ago and get ready for it based on past results.”

They also use the POS system to track customers at the point of sale, and boost retention. But the Hoods have been so successful, that they don’t spend much time promoting where their food truck will appear.

Larry says, “We get so many requests, that we really only use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. However, I have used the email marketing because we take customer emails to send receipts. So I use our customer list to send coupons to our customer base.”

The NCR Silver point-of-sale system on deck of the first Hood’s BBQ food truck.

As the Hoods continue to grow and adapt to trends in the restaurant industry, NCR Silver will continue innovating along with them.

Have you recently added a food truck to your operations? We’d love to hear about it! Sound off in the comment section below.

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