Suggestive Ordering Coming to an NCR Console Near You

NCR Console (formerly known as Cimplebox) has always helped you plan like a pro. Soon, this premium point-of-sale add-on service will predict exactly what you need to order – and when you need to order it.

Thanks to Suggestive Ordering, you’ll see what products NCR Console recommends you need in the “Inventory On Hand” report. It performs this task by analyzing your ordering and sales trends and other data.


It’s time to order more tomatoes!

So, if you just added a dish that includes tomatoes, and you’re selling said dish like gangbusters, the report will tell you A) when to order tomatoes so you don’t run out and B) how much more to order.

“You’ll never run out of supply and you’ll never overstock your inventory, which is like cash on your shelves,” says NCR Console General Manager Steven Kim.

Suggestive Ordering will be available in November.

However, there are plenty of things you can do RIGHT NOW with recent feature adds. One of the biggest features is the ability to track modifier sales.

Tracking modifier sales: One of the many new features in NCR Console.

Tracking modifier sales: One of the many new features in NCR Console.

Tracking modifier sales

Before, NCR Console offered granularity. Now, it offers even more, because you can download modifiers and modifier groups from your point of sale into NCR Console.

Just use the “Download Products” tool.

By downloading modifiers, you can build recipes for modifiers that when sold will auto-deplete from your inventory. This feature will enable you to more effectively manage costs and margins by tracking inventory at the ingredient level.

Other recent features

  • The ability to import invoices
  • Setting par level
  • Establishing initial inventory
  • An alerts page

What’s with the new name?

In March, NCR, a global provider of consumer transactions technologies, acquired CimpleBox. NCR Console integrates with a number of point-of-sale systems, including NCR Silver. For a free NCR Silver trial, click here

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