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The 7 Elements of Great Brand Storytelling

“Story is the universal language each of our customers secretly speak.” That’s according to Donald Miller who, as New York […]

What to Do With Your Restaurant’s Leftover Wine

The amount of wine wasted each year in restaurants is pretty amazing. It’s estimated U.S. restaurants throw out the equivalent […]

7 Tips for Creating Effective Client Testimonial Videos

Employing video in your marketing strategy is not only effective for improving your search rankings, but if done right, can […]

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5 Ways to Win Over Last-Minute Holiday Shoppers

Christmas Day is less than a week away. Last-minute shoppers are still scrambling to cross everything off their lists, online […]

How to Tickle Consumers’ Taste Buds Using Texture

Looking for a new way your restaurant can please diners’ palates? According to the Mintel Global Food & Drink Trends […]

business man harassing colleague
How to Institute a Sexual Harassment Policy for Your Small Business

Yesterday, Time magazine named “The Silence Breakers” as its 2017 Person of the Year, recognizing the women (and men) who […]

Should Your Restaurant Offer Cooking Classes?

The best gifts don’t always come in a pretty box or fit into a stocking — they are gifts of […]

7 Ways to Make Your Store Stand Out During the Holidays

The holidays mean big business for retailers. Some stores rake in as much as 30 percent of their annual sales […]