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How Generous Should Your Bartenders Be?

“Sometimes you want to go . . .” If you’re a bartender, or you were alive in the 1980s, you […]

How to Get Free Publicity for Your Small Business

If your small business can’t afford a big-shot PR firm, that’s okay: There are countless ways to get good PR […]

Selling Your Business? Time it Right

If you need to sell your business — you have sudden medical expenses to cover, or debts are piling up […]

How the Right Playlist Can Rock Your Restaurant or Retail Sales

To make your business attractive to customers, you’ve considered everything from signage to lighting and décor. But to keep people […]

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How to Never Run Out of Blog Topic Ideas for Your Website

Having a blog for your small business is a proven strategy to bring more people to your site and establish […]

The Benefits of a Prix Fixe Menu for Valentine’s Day

For restaurant owners, it’s not too early to starting planning for one of the biggest dining-out holidays of the year: […]

Boost Sales by Reading Your Customers’ Body Language

There’s a proven way to increase sales that you and your sales staff almost certainly aren’t using. Consumer psychologist Bruce […]

9 Myths that Could Hurt Your Small Business

Starting a business is an act of optimism, since most new businesses fail. Subscribing to any of these common myths […]