POS Hardware: New Stand Available for NCR Silver

The Cling Stand is the new and premium accessory for your NCR Silver system.

Up until now, your iPad POS system had one option to hold it in place — the Swivel Stand. Well, two if you include your hand.

We all need more options in life, so here it goes: You now have three choices from NCR. You can choose the premium Cling Stand, the minimalistic Hover Stand or the classic Swivel Stand. No hand needed.

The Cling Stand bundle offers cost savings.

The Cling Stand bundle offers cost savings.

The Cling Stand

Keep thieves at bay!

Designed with a modern aesthetic, the NCR Silver Cling Stand offers a locking mechanism to keep your tablet secure. It’s available in black or Arctic white. In addition, it can be screwed or adhered to your counter and can rotate 180 degrees. Unlike the existing NCR Silver Swivel Stand, it holds all current iPad models, including the large iPad Pro.

It’s the premium stand in our lineup and it can call your store or restaurant home for $190.


The Hover Stand offers a minimalistic look.

The Hover Stand

This minimalistic stand secures your iPad with durable adhesive and offers a key lock for security. It’s simple, light and strong and it comes in black or Arctic White as well. Call it “mine” for $99.

The Swivel Stand

Sometimes, the classic version is the best. The stout and heavy NCR Silver Swivel Stand has a strong magnet to secure it to a cash drawer. It rotates nearly 360 degrees for easy visibility. Like the Hover Stand, the Swivel Stand is a bargain at a mere $99.

You can always go stand-less, but who wants to do that? Take a stand, and order one right here.

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