NCR Silver 4 is Built for Speed

Watch this to see why Cakes by Darcy loves the new interface in NCR Silver 4

"Everything is faster."

-Owner Darcy Lynn

What’s Inside?

NCR Silver has unveiled a new point-of-sale user interface that will save you serious time
  • We've eliminated 33 taps

    Features are usually judged by what they add. You can judge us by what we took away – in this case, a whole bunch of time-consuming clicks on your tablet.

  • We've introduced a slide-out menu

    A slide-out menu replaces the home screen, giving you access to store functions directly from the ticket screen, where you spend the most amount of your time.

  • We've significantly reduced pop-ups

    No one likes getting pop-ups online. We’ve eliminated most of them from your tablet POS system, too. This means easier access to just about everything!

NCR Silver is even easier to navigate. The slide-out menu in particular is really nice. It makes everything, even clocking out, faster.

- Cakes by Darcy

Designed For Efficiency

Slide-out screens, tabs and a new checkout experience offer quicker access to everyday point-of-sale functions