The Scales are Tipping in Your Favor with this News

Up until recently, you had the choice between an economical 15-pound NCR Silver scale and the gold standard 30-pound Mettler Toledo.

If you’ve been waiting for something in-between – and you use an Android POS system – our new NCR Silver 30-pound scale is the droid you’ve been looking for.

The new NCR Silver 30-pound scale can weigh a large turkey. Just make sure you don’t use a live one.

Built like a tank to handle real-world environments with ease, it boasts a very attractive price point of $599.

It also has:

  • Two digital displays so you and your customers can easily see what’s going on.
  • A generous 12.5 inch weighing surface.
  • Accurate readings that round to the nearest 1/10th of an ounce.
  • An optional remote customer display with 6-foot cable.

The NCR Silver 30-pound scale is perfect for grocers, frozen yogurt shop owners and other retailers who need a combination of size, accuracy AND economy.

In other words, you can have your cake, and weigh it too.

The scale works with the Android NCR Silver Register system and will soon work with iOS devices. Check with your sales rep about specific timelines and a National Conference of Weights and Measures certification, which is currently being updated, according to locale.

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