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sweetFrog Keeps Sales Sweet with NCR Silver

Three years ago, sweetFrog franchisees Austin and Brad Anderson had had enough of expensive point-of-sale systems that were even more […]

Six Ways NCR Silver Makes Managing Employees A Breeze

Help Me Silver! Tip No. 6 — Have you had enough of mysterious price overrides? Inconsistent timecards? Care to know […]

The Cling Stand is the new and premium accessory for your NCR Silver system.
Take a Stand

Up until now, your iPad POS system had one option to hold it in place — the Swivel Stand. Well, […]

Steamed dumplings anyone? Travis serves up some fusion cuisine with Gotta Have It.
Three Tips For Better Catering

So, you’ve just scored a massive catering gig. Your well-planned menu: Smoked brisket, lemon sole with chipotle/ancho recado and even crispy blacked […]

Fast Checkout
Improving Transaction Time with NCR Silver

Help Me Silver! Tip No. 5 — If you want to succeed in business, then you need to learn how […]

Experimac franchisees Travis and Becky Howe.
Should Your Business Consider Pre-owned Apple Gear?

The mobile iPad ushered a new generation of cloud-based point-of-sale systems, which are substantially cheaper than traditional POS systems. But for merchants just starting […]

NCR Silver customer support
Text Me Maybe

Blondie wanted you to call her anytime. Carly Rae Jepsen wanted you to call her maybe. If you’re an NCR Silver […]

NCR infographic
How Well Do You Know NCR?

If you’re a merchant using NCR Silver or NCR Silver Pro Restaurant, you’re benefiting from more than a century of financial technology […]


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