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NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Now Optimized for Samsung Pay

You have a powerful ally at the point of sale that you may not even be aware of: The ability to offer mobile […]

Behind the Scenes: Dr. T Pott’s Tea Shop Video Shoot

Dr. T Pott’s Tea Shop uses NCR Console to make sure inventory is maximized, to ensure seamless shift scheduling, and […]

6 Easy Steps to a Winning Marketing Campaign with NCR Silver

Running and marketing a worthwhile promotion using NCR Silver is simple. That’s because you can detect what inventory needs to […]

NCR Console now offers overtime alerts
From Overtime to Red Flags, NCR Console Has You Covered

Seeing your employees’ overtime hours after the fact is one thing. But what about having better command and control during […]

Arepas Australia using NCR Silver on iPad
From Venezuelan Tourist to Australian Entrepreneur

When you think of cuisine in Sydney, Australia, you probably don’t think Latin American, let alone Venezuelan. That’s exactly what […]

NCR Silver GM Chris Poelma discusses his leadership philosophies on CNN
NCR Silver ‘At the Top’ with CNN

As NCR Silver expands – in the States and abroad – NCR Silver GM Chris Poelma spent the day with […]

From Chicken Salad to Cash Registers: Innovation Never Stops

In 2008, the founders of Chicken Salad Chick had a great recipe. What they didn’t have – yet – was a […]

An Entire Store in a Box with Total by NCR Silver

As a merchant, you want to go places. Like bring in more customers. And make better business business decisions. And expand. That’s […]

NCR Silver's Guide to Starting a Restaurant


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