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What Cakes by Darcy Thinks of the Redesigned NCR Silver Interface

When trying out the completely redesigned NCR Silver user interface, Cakes by Darcy in Roswell, GA, was instantly struck by the […]

NCR Console now offers overtime
If Your Employees Work Overtime, You’ll Love This Addition

Do you find that your point of sale doesn’t put in any overtime? With NCR Console, it most definitely will […]

Suggestive Ordering Coming to an NCR Console Near You

NCR Console (formerly known as Cimplebox) has always helped you plan like a pro. Soon, this premium point-of-sale add-on service […]

Take a Stand

Up until now, your iPad POS system had one option to hold it in place — the Swivel Stand. Well, […]

How Well Do You Know NCR?

If you’re a merchant using NCR Silver or NCR Silver Pro Restaurant, you’re benefiting from more than a century of financial technology […]

NCR Silver Restaurant Pro house accounts
Video: How Your Customers Can Pay Later with House Accounts

With the new house accounts feature, NCR Silver Pro Restaurant users can charge select customers on the date of sale and have them pay later. While […]

Restaurants: You Can Now 86 Your ’86’ List

If you run a restaurant, what is actually preventing a cashier or server from ordering an item you’re out of? Sure, […]

Your Payment Options Just Got More Flexible with Version 3.11

Version 3.11 is here, and if you’re a service provider, caterer or custom retailer, you’re going to like the two […]


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