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Six Ways NCR Silver Makes Managing Employees A Breeze

Help Me Silver! Tip No. 6 — Have you had enough of mysterious price overrides? Inconsistent timecards? Care to know […]

Fast Checkout
Improving Transaction Time with NCR Silver

Help Me Silver! Tip No. 5 — If you want to succeed in business, then you need to learn how […]

NCR Silver customer support
Text Me Maybe

Blondie wanted you to call her anytime. Carly Rae Jepsen wanted you to call her maybe. If you’re an NCR Silver […]

NCR Silver scale
Scale Options Galore with NCR Silver

All you really need is a tablet, app and card reader to get started on NCR Silver. If you run a retail […]

Control employee access with NCR Silver Pro

Help Me Silver! Tip No. 4: NCR Silver Pro User Roles — Did you know NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition offers greater employee […]

Fedora Text
Boost Sales With Silver Promotions

Help Me Silver! Tip No. 3: Gratuity If you’re looking to discount specific products to boost sales, it’s easy to set up and […]

Get Social With NCR Silver

Help Me Silver! Tip No. 1 We’re starting a regular series called Help Me Silver!, which offers a short, targeted […]

How Does NCR Silver Handle Gratuity?

You can easily take tips however you like with NCR Silver. Here are three keys: Tip prompts Your customers don’t have […]


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