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Video: Why These Businesses Chose NCR Silver

Coit Tower, a cherished San Francisco landmark that offers mind-blowing views of the city as well as one of the […]

NCR Silver scale
Scale Options Galore with NCR Silver

All you really need is a tablet, app and card reader to get started on NCR Silver. If you run a retail […]

NCR Silver Restaurant Pro house accounts
Video: How Your Customers Can Pay Later with House Accounts

With the new house accounts feature, NCR Silver Pro Restaurant users can charge select customers on the date of sale and have them pay later. While […]

NCR Silver future orders
Video: How to Use Future Orders in NCR Silver

In this Silver Bullets video, Kenya from the Concierge team gives you the inside scoop on Future Orders, how to set […]

Silver Register set up
Video: How To Set Up Your Silver Register

Our iPad POS system may get most of the publicity, but did you know the NCR Silver app works on Android, too? […]

Mr. Man NCR Silver video shoot
Why Mr. Man’s Shop For Manly Men Chose NCR Silver

Before he found the NCR Silver point-of-sale system, Mr. Man struggled with inputting inventory, getting hardware support and couldn’t find […]

June's Juiceatorium
Why this Juice Store Loves NCR Silver Loyalty

Do old-fashioned loyalty cards have you down? That was definitely the case for June. That is, until she discovered the NCR […]

EMV facts
You’ve Heard Things About EMV

By now, you’ve heard a little about EMV, or chip, technology. But you may have more questions: Like how this […]


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