These Holiday Gifts Belong on Every Business Owner’s Wish List

Not sure what to ask from Santa this year? Try these 7 entrepreneur-approved gift ideas.
Rather than making your friends and family play the guessing game, it’s time to start dropping hints about the best presents for business owners like yourself. (Photo: everything possible/Shutterstock)

This time of year is one of the most hectic for business owners. Not only are you busy wrapping up all those year-end tasks on your to-do list, you’re also trying to find the perfect gift for all your loved ones. But have you thought about what you really want to find under the tree this year?

Rather than making your friends and family play the guessing game, it’s time to start dropping hints about the best presents for business owners like yourself. Here are seven gifts that belong on every business owner’s wish list, according to entrepreneurs.

Technology to boost productivity

High-tech gadgets regularly earn top ranking on gift guides. This year, business owners are particularly interested in gear that can help them maintain their focus and maximize their productivity.

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“The best item for entrepreneurs is the Apple Watch,” said Lisa Poncia, co-owner of Stemple Creek Ranch. “It allows me to put my phone down and know that I can still see important calls from the office and receive discreet reminders about meetings.”

Plus, it can monitor your health and track your physical activity — just what an entrepreneur needs to boost their fitness in the new year.

Cozy stress relief


“The weighted blanket is designed to put you at ease after a 13-hour day, and it envelopes you with warmth and comfort.” – Joseph Stornelli, JS Technology Group (Photo: JS)

Let’s face it: As fulfilling as it is to run a business, it’s also a nonstop job that comes with tons of stress. A gravity blanket can help entrepreneurs wind down after a busy day, said Joseph Stornelli, principal of JS Technology Group.

“Strained relations with a client? Servers down again? The gravity blanket doesn’t care,” he said. “The weighted blanket is designed to put you at ease after a 13-hour day, and it envelopes you with warmth and comfort.”

And since the product promises to help relieve stress, reduce anxiety and promote better sleep, it’s a worthwhile addition to any business owner’s wish list.

A solution to sitting all day

You’ve probably read about the health risks of excessive sitting, but have you found a way to make upright work more comfortable? If not, you might want to add a standing desk chair to your holiday wish list.

“The best gift I’ve ever received as an entrepreneur is my LeanRite standing desk chair. I can lean against it with my lower back supported for hours, and it’s adjustable to a bunch of different positions,” said Judith Levey, cofounder and president of DesireList.

The beauty of this ergonomic chair is that it helps you maintain a neutral posture and build back strength, ultimately leading to pain-free evenings after pulling overtime.

A polished accessory

Are you planning to attend more networking events in 2019? Then you should definitely ask your loved ones for a fresh case to hold your business cards, said Matt Ross, co-owner of RIZKNOWS and The Slumber Yard.

“There have been several times when I’ve been in a meeting with potential partners or suppliers, and I’ve either forgotten to bring my business cards with me, or only have crusty, dirty ones in my wallet,” he said. “Giving a small business owner a nice, professional card holder to carry to business meetings and events would be a useful gift.”

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Plus, pulling a crisp business card out of a professional-looking case will give you a boost of confidence when meeting new clients.

Laptop protection

Breaking your laptop can cause your business operations to come to a screeching halt. Ask Santa for a laptop bag this year, so your most important piece of technology is protected from an accidental fall.

Deborah Sweeney

My favorite gift is my trusty laptop bag.” – Deborah Sweeney (Photo: Deborah Sweeney)

“My favorite gift is my trusty laptop bag. One of my business colleagues gave me one and I’ve found it to be incredibly useful since day one. It comes in handy for entrepreneurs on the go,” said Deborah Sweeney, CEO of MyCorporation.

And if you typically carry around a few gadgets at a time, ask for a bag with plenty of extra pockets.

A personal planner

The day-to-day tasks of running a business can make it hard to focus on the big picture. A goal-oriented journal can help you map out a plan to achieve those big things you’ve been dreaming of, said Derek Christian, owner and general manager of Handyman Connection of Blue Ash.

The Best Self Journal has helped me reprioritize my entire life. More than just a planner, it’s a system to reflect on what you learn each day, recognize why you are grateful and what you need to focus on,” he said. “I am constantly pulled in many directions and this journal helps me achieve clarity.”

When you consider the long-term payoff of finally hitting your goals, this journal might just be the gift that keeps on giving.

A professional pen

Think about all the notes you take and checks you sign throughout the year. A fancy pen can help you avoid wrist cramps and give your John Hancock a little flair.

“A good pen is a great gift for business owners. It’s something I use every day writing invoices and signing documents, and it actually affects the way I write — my signature actually looks aesthetically appealing with a nice pen tip,” said Joel Bennett, owner of Electric Herald.

Whether you ask for an intricate writing instrument, the latest tech gadget or some professional accessories, these entrepreneur-approved gifts will make you extra merry this holiday season.

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