Track Your Charitable Donations with NCR Silver

Happy #GivingTuesday! With the shopping rush over, the charitable season begins. As thousands of businesses worldwide shift the focus from shopping to sharing, there are ample opportunities to get involved not only today and throughout the holidays, but all year round.

Any business can make contributions to charitable organizations, but small businesses far exceed big businesses when it comes to donations to nonprofits and community causes, giving as much as 250 percent more, according to some studies.

As an added bonus, charitable donations are tax free because they do not add to your overall business revenue. Your business can receive a tax deduction when you give items to a charity because it doesn’t receive any goods, profits or services in return.

So whether you plan to give food, time or a portion of your profits, we’ve made it easy for you to track charitable donations with NCR Silver. Here’s how:

Take donations

Want to encourage your customers to donate to a bona fide cause at the point of sale?

With NCR Silver, you can create a non-revenue item in the back office, which will assist you in accepting financial contributions from your customers. This allows you to track the amount of money you have received, see it in the reporting and contribute the total.

Give charitable items

With NCR Silver, you can create items and flag them as “non-revenue” in the back office. You can even create a donations category to organize them on the POS. This allows you to ring the item on the POS (and to print on a receipt if needed!), and ensures that charitable items are accurately reported in the Silver back office, but not factored into net sales, product trends, discounts or overrides.

This will also guarantee that your inventory is updated and items are properly removed from your inventory reporting. If you use NCR Console, you can use the Summary Report to view donations for any date range you run.

Donate employee time

Thinking of sending employees to deliver gifts or read Christmas stories? If you’re an NCR Silver Pro Restaurant user, you can create a new user role to categorize volunteer time and track donated hours.

Console users then have the option to schedule by position, which will not factor in volunteered time when forecasting scheduling.

Use these tips and your small business will be well on its way to giving back!

For non-revenue items to work correctly you need to upgrade your NCR Silver app to version 4.3. If you set up a non-revenue item before updating your app you will need to update to 4.3 then perform a data sync.*

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