Upgrade Your NCR Silver App and Manage Inventory Right at Your POS

The latest NCR Silver app update is available now! This free upgrade gives you immediate access to new features, fixes and support to help ease your every day operations.

That’s because version 4.6 provides new ways for you to manage inventory, checkout and even your partner services and integrations. Read on to learn how.

Simplify inventory

Do you often count and receive items on the floor?

Now you can manage inventory at the point of sale. This new option on the slide-out menu allows you to count your inventory and receive shipments without having to access the back office.

• Once the count is saved, it replaces the quantity on hand value in the back office.
• Once the receive is saved, it adds to the quantity on hand value in the back office.

Simple! So the next time you receive a shipment of product, you can quickly add it to your inventory and start selling it right away.

*If a user does not have permission to access the count and receive feature, they will be prompted for manager approval.

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Create custom payment types

If you’ve ever wanted to add a delivery service or deal-of-the-day as a payment type, now you can do it.

With the new Custom Tenders update, you can easily create generic payment types, close out orders and report on them separately from other payment methods.

• On the point of sale, you’ll see each custom tender appear as its own payment method button.
• On reports, each custom tender is its own line under payment types – giving you the ability to see what’s working and make better business decisions based on results.

So if you want to move excess inventory, now might be a great time to try Groupon!

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Build loyalty with Paytronix

Would it be more convenient to integrate your third-party loyalty program with NCR Silver?

You can now manage customer rewards with Paytronix – in addition to Punchh and Plum Rewards.

How it works: Customers earn points based on previous purchases, which are in turn tracked and recorded by the third-party loyalty providers. Loyalty rewards are then sent to the point of sale giving cashiers the ability to search customer rewards by phone number.

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Improve transaction time

If you require customers to use on-screen signature capture for credit card transactions, you know NCR Silver prompts them afterwards to opt into email marketing. This prompt is on by default, but can now be turned off under Settings >Checkout Options.

Additionally, a new receipt option has been added to both print AND email a receipt with one click.

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Is there a new feature you’d like to see in our next software update? Let us know in the comment box below!

Want to see the full list of new features and improvements to NCR Silver? Click here to view the release notes.

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