What Cakes by Darcy Thinks of the Redesigned NCR Silver Interface

When trying out the completely redesigned NCR Silver user interface, Cakes by Darcy in Roswell, GA, was instantly struck by the cleaner design.

And then she noticed it helped her complete everyday tasks – like applying discounts and taking cash – faster.

“I love the clean, new look of it,” says owner Darcy Lynn, who opened her shop in 2004. “It’s faster to get to different categories. It works really fast and easy. We love it.”

NCR Silver 4 offers quicker transaction times.

Version 4 works faster because the designers eliminated 33 clicks (or taps if you prefer) on the app. Bottom line, every less click means less time spent on completing a transaction.

Other time-saving features include:

  • A slide-out menu. Now, you can get access to store functions directly from the ticket screen.
  • Quick cash button. Cash is still king. Kings deserve their own button, don’t they?
  • Reduced pop-ups. We can’t get rid of Internet pop-ups, but we can on your POS app. You’ll spend less time backtracking as a result.
  • A cleaner aesthetic. Beta users such as Lynn have noted the interface is easier on the eyes – and to use as a result.

The new slide-out menu in NCR Silver 4.

“What I really love about the new user interface is there are far fewer clicks,” Lynn says. “Everything is faster.”

In addition to the speed and look, Lynn appreciates the ability to offer discounts immediately through the discount button and easier access to reports.

Take a look at the video above to see NCR Silver 4 in action. We hope you love the new interface as much as Lynn and other merchant testers did.

If you find yourself in the metro Atlanta area, check out Cakes by Darcy. Lynn has been designing and decorating cakes since 1987 and really knows how make customers feel special. 

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