What Is Mobile POS and How Can It Help Your Small Business?

Why the future of the cash register is all in the palm of your hand.
Interested in an alternative to a cash register? Look no further than a mobile POS system. (Photo: NCR Silver)

If you’ve visited a farmer’s market or local shop over the last few months, you may have noticed more vendors sliding an iPad or other mobile device your way at checkout. At first it feels almost foreign to sidestep the traditional cash register, but after a tap of a credit card and signature using only your finger, it quickly becomes apparent that this is the future of an increasingly cashless society.

Curious to know more? Ready to provide your customers with a flexible checkout experience? Below is brief breakdown of mobile point-­of-­sale systems (or mPOS) and how they might benefit your own small business in growing and achieving more sales.

Familiar hardware

Instead of having to acquaint yourself with some new piece of tech, mPOS systems rely upon the very thing you may be using to read this article. From iPads to iPhones, utilizing mPOS is as easy as opening an app and attaching a card reader to the headphone jack. Mobile payments are then generally linked to a business account or integrated as part of a larger legacy POS system. For customers already familiar with touchscreen devices, the steps involved in checkout are as easy as swipe and sign. No pen necessary.

Mobile checkout

The beauty of mPOS systems is how they cut the cord on the traditional cash register and allow you to service your customers anywhere. Thinking of starting a pop-­up shop or branching out with a weekend stand at the local market? mPOS makes it easy to provide a seamless point-­of­-sale experience from the store to the sidewalk. Stressed with long lines of customers waiting to purchase goods? Break up the queue by sending out an employee with an mPOS to quickly accept payments and score smiles from shoppers.

Diverse payment options

Forgetting your wallet or purse these days does not mean losing your ability to purchase goods and services. The rise of the digital economy has spawned the adoption of a variety of payment options that are no longer dependent on cash or card. mPOS systems allow you to take advantage of a wide variety of payments, from PayPal to bitcoin, to expand the purchasing power of your customers.

Manage multiple locations

Having trouble tracking the real­-time sales of several food trucks in your business? Spending too much time visiting franchise locations to gather sales information? mPOS systems tie your multiple locations together so that you can quickly glance at inventory, sales, profits and much more all from your mobile device. Tracking all of the pieces of your business is as easy as launching an app.

Customer engagement

By leveraging mobile devices, you now have a new way to promote brand loyalty and engage with your customers. Most mPOS systems offer easy built-­in email marketing and loyalty programs. Because many customers now prefer receipts be emailed to them rather than printed, you’ll find that mPOS is an excellent way not only to offer choice, but also build your customer database and generate future sales.

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