What is this PCI Compliance Thing About, Anyway?

PCI compliance

If your small business just started accepting credit cards, you might be new to PCI compliance.

The PCI, or Payment Card Industry, is an independent council consisting of representatives from the major payment card brands. It has a set of data security standards to ensure transactions are secure.

You may have seen these standards referenced as a PCI DSS. Acronym soup, anyone?

The council’s data security standards apply to anyone who accepts, stores or transmits any cardholder data. And by anyone, it really is anyone – whether you have $1 in yearly card sales or $1 million.

However … if you do have few card transactions – represented by the “Level 1 Merchant” moniker – your compliance guidelines will be less strict.

Those who are found not to be PCI compliant, after a breach has been linked back to the store, can be heavily fined by the acquiring bank, after it is fined by a card payment brand. These fines on the bank can reach $100,000 monthly.

Rest assured: If your restaurant, retail shop or mobile business uses NCR Silver’s mobile POS, you’re operating in a PCI-compliant – and fully secure – environment.

While the PCI council has not established certification standards for mobile point-of-sale solutions on Apple or Android devices, NCR Silver was designed with advanced encryption and other security features to ensure your customers’ transactions are secure. You can even remotely disable any device running Silver if it’s lost or stolen. That’s because the service runs in the cloud.

Most important, NCR’s payment gateway – which is used to process all Silver POS transactions – is fully certified under PCI rules.

You can check the PCI DSS certification here. Just type “NCR” in the company search box.

…And enjoy another bowl of acronym soup.

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