What Your Coffee Choice Says About You as a Small Business Owner

Sugar, black or decaf: Your management style is revealed.
Variety of coffee
Your double decaf, soy, extra foam latte might mean more about your personality than you think. (Photo: Elena Barenbaum/Shutterstock)

As a café owner, you know there are many ways to prepare a cup of joe. But did you know that the type of coffee you prefer also reveals a lot about your personality?

Clinical psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula conducted an observational study of 1,000 coffee drinkers, assessing numerous common personality styles and psychological traits. Take a look at her findings and learn what your coffee order says about you as a small business owner.

You drink black coffee

If you take your coffee black, chances are you’re an “old school” boss, one who is pretty much set in your ways and is resistant to change (although you might call yourself a “purist” instead). One of the drawbacks of this particular personality is your abrupt and dismissive behavior and your penchant for moodiness. However, your employees can count on you for your endless efficiency.

You like a cream and/or sugar in your coffee

Require some sugar and/or cream in your coffee and you’re probably someone who likes to soften the bitterness of life. Meaning, if there is bad news to deliver to an employee, you like to attach it with some positive reinforcement, too.

You’re a people pleaser and generous with your time, whether it’s tending to a customer or conducting business with a colleague. The downside? You often feel overextended and don’t take the necessary time for yourself. Remember, it’s necessary to delegate and, most of all, unwind.

You prefer a blended/frozen drink

Got a sweet tooth when it comes to your caffeine? Then you’re a big kid at heart who’s chatty and friendly with customers and employees. Not only are you a social butterfly, but you are a trendsetter, too. You’re never scared to try something new or come up with unique concoctions.

Your business thrives because of your imagination and your ability to take chances, but you run the risk of falling for quick fixes to bigger problems, and you can be a little reckless. You might even have a reputation for being unreliable. Maybe switch to a mellower blend now and then.

You like your coffee double decaf, soy and extra foamy

Your finicky taste in coffee demonstrates that you’re a boss who’s detail-­oriented and organized, but who can also be borderline obsessive and controlling.

It’s great that you are always looking to improve yourself and your business, but employees and customers might find it difficult to measure up to your standards. Keep in mind that your perfectionism might make you not only overly sensitive to criticism, but also make people feel like they can’t speak up.

Also, when you’re so focused on keeping things “just so” you may have a tendency to excessively worry when things aren’t going your way. You might want to go easy on yourself and be daring once in awhile. So go ahead and order that chocolate frozen
drink – you’ve earned it!

You’re an instant coffee drinker

No surprise here: if you like your coffee ready in a non-­showy way, then you’re as laid back as they come. You’re not someone who gets lost in the details and you often take things as they come. However, your easygoing nature hints at someone who has difficulty making hard decisions, which means you probably have a tendency to procrastinate. Poor planning often leads to poor management, so do your business and your employees a favor and be extra picky with your coffee order at least once in awhile. It will feel good to make at least one small decision.

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