What Your Favorite Coffee Brew Says About Your Management Style

Are you an easygoing manager or an uptight boss? The answer might be found in your morning cup of joe.
Whether it's automatic drip or French press, find out what your morning coffee says about you as a boss. (Photo: Africa Studio/Shutterstock)

Americans love their coffee. According to data from the National Coffee Association, 62 percent of U.S. adults drink coffee on a daily basis.

If you’re a java junkie, brewing up at least one cup of your favorite roast is essential to make it through the day. It helps you stay focused in the morning, alert in the afternoon — and sometimes even long into the night.

Interestingly, your preferred coffee brewing habits can also reveal a lot about your management style. What does your morning cup of joe say about what kind of manager you are?


Co-owner of Roshi Roasters, Jeff DiTeodoro, suggests that careful and particular managers will like coffee using the siphon method. (Photo: Jeff-DiTeodoro)


Do you like your coffee to pack a punch? For those who don’t want to wait for their caffeine fix, a quick cup of espresso is the way to go.

According to John Bertino, founder and CEO of The Agency Guy Inc., these high-octane coffee lovers tend to have a no-nonsense, fast-paced management style. While their interactions may be brief, they typically leave a lasting impact.

“This manager is rarely accessible and not one for small talk. But when she’s there, she packs a serious punch. She’s strong, solid, unbreakable – but fleeting,” he said.

Jeff DiTeodoro, co-owner of Roshi Roasters, explained that if espresso sits too long, “the taste will suffer dramatically.” Similarly, espresso-loving managers tend to know what they want and won’t waste time with unnecessary distractions.


The siphon technique makes brewing coffee feel like a science experiment. It requires a special siphoning tool and follows a specific process. Very hot water is placed in the bottom carafe of the siphon and heated on a burner. Then you must patiently wait for the grounds in the top carafe to lose gas and bubble.

According to DiTeodoro, managers who brew their coffee using the siphon method value excellence and precision.

“[The] siphon is for the manager that likes to do things delicately and carefully,” he said, but when tasks aren’t done correctly or in high-pressure situations, they are more likely to blow up.


According to Jordan Rosenacker, creative director at Atlas Coffee Club, automatic drip machines are for those who like to stick to routines. (Photo: Jordan Rosenacker)

Automatic drip

Automatic drip machines are for people who like to run their mornings on autopilot and not have to worry about how they’ll get their daily coffee fix.

Jordan Rosenacker, executive creative director of Atlas Coffee Club, said automatic drip machines are great for managers who stick to routines. “You crave daily structure, like systematic approaches to your day, and like to outsource your work.”

Pour-over brewing

To make pour-over coffee, hot water is poured slowly over the grounds for a fresh and flavorful beverage. This method requires both patience and skill to brew the perfect cup.

If you utilize this technique, said Rosenacker, you like to extract the most from your coffee – and from life. Pour-over managers are proud perfectionists, motivated to go above and beyond the norm.

French press

If your go-to brewing method involves a French press, you probably have an eye for detail and a great deal of patience.

This manager is “willing to wait for the right results to manifest,” said Bertino. “He treats his ideas like his grinds – slow-simmering them to perfection, always allowing them to reach full maturity before indulging in them. But will the wait be worth it? Will the results live up to the planning? Have no doubt: they always do.”

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