Infographic: Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Payments in 2015

mobile payments infographic


2014 was the year that moved the mobile payments needle closer to mainstream.

While it still has a ways to go, advances such as the release of Apple Pay on the iPhone 6 are believed by many to be a catalyst to get more people using their digital wallets … in addition to their leather ones. Other alternative payment methods, such as bitcoin and QR code payments, saw a huge increase in 2014, too.

If there is any doubt that mobile payment adoption will increase at exponential levels, know this: Research firm Forrester believes mobile payments will total $142 billion in 2019, a 184 percent increase from 2014.

This fact and much more can be found on NCR Silver’s 2015 #SmartPay infographic.

An infographic on 2015 mobile payments trends

What’s NOT in your wallet?

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