Which TV Boss Are You?

When it comes to your management style, are you a Liz Lemon or a Michael Scott?
Having a boss like Leslie Knope means there's never a dull moment in the office. (Photo: BagoGames/Flickr)

Not everyone’s a great boss. There are good bosses with some bad traits, and bad bosses with some good qualities.

TV has given us bosses we love to cringe at, admire, or both. They are surely flawed, but they are also focused and, sometimes, fun. So which TV boss best demonstrates your managerial style?

Michael Scott, “The Office”

Cons: He’s socially awkward, makes bad, politically incorrect jokes and generally comes across as a buffoon. He thinks he’s capable of handling HR issues but clearly isn’t.

Pros: He’s a more-than-decent boss. Not only is he passionate about his company, he believes in constant communication (which explains his need for multiple staff meetings) and loves to rally the troops. He fiercely defends his employees and is extremely loyal to them. He knows how to throw one heck of a work party.

Liz Lemon, “30 Rock”

Cons: A wacky geek with phobias and poor social skills, Liz is insecure about how others view her. She’s also a bit of a know-it-all and can be unforgiving. She’s deathly afraid of failure and losing control and keeps herself afloat by obsessing over food, particularly cheese.

Pros: She’s spunky, forthright and great at diffusing crazy situations involving her employees, which she does with finesse and compassion. Quick on her feet, Lemon is game for anything when it comes to making the work (she is head writer for a sketch comedy show) run smoothly.

Jack Donaghy, “30 Rock”

Cons: Jack (Liz Lemon’s boss) is a closed book who encourages his staff by lobbing barbs at them. He’s insensitive at times and can be erratic, as demonstrated by various fits and freak-outs when things don’t go his way.

Pros: Jack is confident, organized and always clear and straightforward about what he wants from his employees (even if he can be jarringly blunt). He demands the best from Liz because he knows she is capable.

Leslie Knope, “Parks and Recreation”

Cons: She’s just too chipper. The waffle-loving city councilwoman is probably one of the perkiest bosses to ever grace the small screen. Though she is unusually confident, her sometimes blind persistence and over-optimistic attitude can be alienating and annoying.

Pros: A big supporter and motivator of her team, Leslie believes in giving huge doses of encouragement and even gifts to her employees, whom she also considers her close friends. She is hyper-organized and doesn’t mind working overtime to achieve her goals.

Don Draper, “Mad Men”

Cons: He drinks too much (including at the office), cheats on his wife and will force his employees to work around the clock alongside him if it means sealing the deal.

Pros: He’s a successful rags-to-riches businessman. He believes in his skills and his ability to connect with others (his personal life notwithstanding). He spots talent and isn’t afraid to move employees up the ladder. He also believes in customer loyalty and is a proponent of face-to-face interaction, which means traveling to see a client or treating them to dinner to make sure they feel respected and confident in their choice of ad agency.

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