Why this Juice Store Loves NCR Silver Loyalty

June's Juiceatorium

Do old-fashioned loyalty cards have you down?

That was definitely the case for June. That is, until she discovered the NCR Silver point-of-sale system with built-in loyalty and email marketing.

Instead of loyalty cards, this juice store has an integrated digital system.

Instead of loyalty cards, this juice store has an integrated digital system.

In this commercial, June remembers the frustration she felt dealing with clunky solutions to manage loyalty and disconnected email programs. After switching to this cloud-based POS system, her store, June’s Juiceatorium, now offers instant discounts and can keep customers coming back with integrated loyalty email marketing.

If you’re using NCR Silver and haven’t taken advantage of this free functionality, we can help you get it set up. Just call or text Customer Support at  877.270.3475. It’s open 24 hours a day.

If you’re using another solution and aren’t happy with your loyalty program, call a rep at 877.630.9711.

We’re gearing up for more of these targeted commercials showing the value of NCR Silver. Up next: Mr. Man’s Shop for Manly Men’s experience with NCR Silver customer support and the Silver Concierge service.

Special thanks to Green Tricycle Studios, director Zach Wechter, actress Beth Pilgreen (June), and the entire talented cast and crew.

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