Wish Your POS System Could Do More? Then Sign Up For This Webinar

If you’re wondering what else your POS system can do for your small business or franchise, then you won’t want to miss this free webinar on Jan. 19.

NCR Small Business and FastCasual.com have teamed up to present a new live online class: How A Tablet POS Can Make Your Business More Profitable With Less Investment.

Participating will be Melissa Diaz, director of operations at Hot Dog On A Stick, Cherryh Cansler, group managing editor with Networld Media Group, and Steven Kim, CEO of CimpleBox. CimpleBox, a Web-based reporting and management solution, is one of many add-on services available in the NCR Silver tablet POS ecosystem.

Melissa Diaz

Melissa Diaz

Cherryh Cansler

Cherryh Cansler

Steven Kim

Steven Kim

If you join, you’ll get detailed knowledge about keeping upfront costs very low compared to traditional POS systems. Loyalty programs and email marketing will also be a main focus, along with solutions for reducing time training employees and processing transactions.

The webinar, held next Tuesday at 2 PM, is designed to help those who are still operating with outdated POS systems or not maximizing the value of their current system.

It’ll be lead by NCR Small Business’ Steve Pollak, who has helped many businesses make smart software choices.

Free webinar“This will be a great opportunity for restauranteurs and other small business owners to learn how technology can help them in almost every aspect of their operations,” Pollak says.

Don’t miss out! Register here for free.

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