Wishbones Pet Boutique Breeds Success with Total By NCR Silver

“Happiness is a warm puppy,” said Charles M. Schultz.

Susan Murphy, owner of Wishbones Pet Boutique & Barkery, has created a life around this quote. Located just outside of Boston in Scituate, Massachusetts, this little pet boutique was built on the philosophy that they “give back the kind of love that our pets gives us.”

Back in 2010 when Wishbones first opened, it was the first of its kind in the area. Susan was able to provide a unique experience by creating a fun environment for local pets and their owners. Since then, she’s prided herself on breeding a happy and healthy atmosphere for both customers and employees.

Much of what is being accomplished at Wishbones has been with the help of Total by NCR Silver. Here’s how all of our business solutions work together to make the business more streamlined and easier to run.

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Stay open for business 24/7

Total gives Wishbones the ability to sell everywhere – in store, online and on the go. So when the brick and mortar is closed or out-of-town customers want to restock, they can still go online to shop.

“The e-commerce aspect is very helpful, along with the back office that allows me to get insight into inventory levels.”

With Total, inventory is managed in one centralized location across sites, so Susan doesn’t have to spend time manually calculating inventory.

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Work anytime, from anywhere

Since all data is stored in the cloud, Susan can see robust back office reports from home (and anywhere else she can get an Internet connection!), making it easy for her to check on her online and in-store sales anytime. She says, “I love that NCR Console allows me to see into inventory on hand and manage my employees based on past trends.”

Total has given her the freedom to stop micro-managing her store and invest more time into customer service. “Total by NCR Silver really allows me to dedicate more time to growing my business. Before, I was just reacting to everything my business would bring. Now this system has allowed me to free up time to improve things instead of being at the store 24/7,” says Susan.

Having integrated solutions also cuts time back for Wishbones. “The click and send reporting is convenient when I need to send payroll to Paychex. It’s quick and easy and I can get my employees paid with no hassle,” says Susan.

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Keep customers begging for more

For Wishbones, the number one priority is customers. That’s why they use NCR Silver to track customers from the point of sale, and run marketing campaigns to build a fanbase of recurring customers.

“The loyalty program is tracked through my POS. That way, I can send loyalty emails, coupons and updates to inform customers about upcoming sales,” says Susan.

This back office feature is a great way to generate loyal and happy owners, but their dogs are also running back for more. “Customers are always walking around town with their dogs and their dogs will literally pull their owners to front door because they love the shops environment,” says Susan.

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Want to take your furry friend to Wishbones? They’re open daily from Tuesday-Sunday!

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