Zoyo Yogurt Celebrates Sweet Success with More Than 20 Franchisees

NCR Silver customer Zoyo Yogurt

When was the last time you actually planned a trip to a frozen yogurt shop? Chances are, you just made an impromptu decision.

According to consumer research from Phoenix-based Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt, 80 percent of its customers just wind up at a store, while the other 20 percent visit regularly.

Turns out, many customers come to celebrate events like a raise, a good grade, or just something — anything — good.

And so a new tagline — What are you celebrating today at Zoyo? — came to be, as well as a more focused way of looking at its customers.

“You have a lot of dessert options,” says Zoyo President / CEO Robert Schiller. “Which is why we’re in the yogurt — and the celebration — business.”

After all, frozen yogurt competition has heated up in recent years. It now takes a unique approach, in addition to consistent execution, to thrive.

That mindset has taken the franchise far. Since being founded in 2010, the business has opened 21 franchise and corporate stores in Arizona, Texas, Indiana, Michigan and Georgia. More are on the way. Also on its way: Increased catering.

Making the Silver switch

Zoyo Yogurt has franchise and corporate stores in multiple states.

Zoyo Yogurt has franchise and corporate stores in multiple states.

Now along for the ride — and helping to drive this growth — is NCR Silver Pro Restaurant and Silver Console. NCR Silver is now powering about half of its stores.

Schiller says Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt was using a POS system that cost more than $10,000 to set up and thousands more to upgrade to new software. In addition, the system was so complex, it required substantial training. Due to this complexity, it also wasn’t very scalable.

NCR Silver, on the other hand, cost thousands less and nothing to upgrade. Complexity was also low. (Unless you consider an iPad complex.)

“We’re completely happy with Silver Pro Restaurant,” Schiller says. “We have a much easier to use POS system and back end reporting with Silver Console. We have high school kids working for us, and they just know how to use it with very little training.”

In addition, because it’s a cloud-based system, it’s been far more scalable…especially with a committed franchise team in its corner.

“We’ve had no interuptions of service during the conversion,” Schiller says. “The franchise team was able to convert eight stores off the bat from the old POS system over to Silver pretty much overnight.”

What the technology setup looks like

Zoya uses Silver Console for advanced reporting, employee management and inventory management.

Zoyo uses Silver Console for advanced reporting, employee management and inventory management.

Zoyo’s point-of-sale setup includes NCR Silver Pro Restaurant, Silver Console, a Mettler Toledo scale that’s integrated with the app, and a full POS bundle including a printer for each terminal.

NCR Silver Pro Restaurant offers advanced functionality for eateries such as Zoyo. Features that store managers use include integrated loyalty, event-based promotions and much more.

Silver Console is an add-on service that Zoyo uses for super-detailed reporting and management in one dashboard. With an integrated calendar and weather, not to mention sales intelligence down to the finest detail, Schiller is able to look at each store’s sales trends in real time.

“Before the conversion, you waited until the end of the week on sales numbers, and then held a meeting,” Schiller says. “By the time you’re able to act, the data was already old.  Now, I can tell right away. I can see our sales and react to situations like road construction and we can immediately promote that particular store and push on social media or in the store and turn it into a positive right away.”

Then there’s iPad mobility. In addition to increased catering, Zoyo operates a facility at Chase Field, where the Arizona Diamondbacks MLB team plays.

“We’re using Silver Console for inventory control at the ballpark,” he says. “Silver Pro Restaurant is just a good all-around mobile offsite solution.”

A happy business

In addition to changing how they looked at their business with the celebration theme, the company at the same time views itself as a neighborhood gathering spot — much like a coffee house.

Helping the regulars come back? High-quality ingredients and a smart mixture of traditional favorites such as salted caramel and peanut butter as well as unique ones like strawberry jalapeño and oatmeal cookie.

“Our goal is to have six fruits and have them fresh,” Schiller says. “If that’s on point, everybody is happy. We want to make sure we’re engaging customers.”

Also on Zoyo’s side is the category itself.

“It’s a great business,” he says. “Everyone is always happy when they come in and they can get the perfect dessert creation, made just the way they want.”

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